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About the Course

This Course will Teach you How to Improve your Body as You Enhance Your Students and Clients!

Learn Confidence to Adjust in Classes, Stretch Clients on Massage Table, or Develop Lasting Connection.

To Give Effective Thai Yoga Sessions that results in Raving Reviews and Rush Back For More Sessions

Step by Step Online Course 

You are guided through the movements as if you were taking a Yoga class.

  • You learn how to take care of your body while improving another.
  • You learn what Mindfulness is and how to apply the principles into your daily life.
  • You develop skills for adjusting in any yoga class, massage session, or post athletic workout.
  • You improve your adjustment skills, creating comfort and confidence when you work.

In this course you learn more than how to give the best Thai Yoga Session. You learn how to move your body with ease, how to develop mindfulness, which is the skill to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve longevity.
With these skills you will retain and attract more students and clients.

#1 Step by step guidance
As this course follows a step by step guidance,

With close up footage of specific steps, you are ensured in developing the right touch and adaptability for any student or client.

You learn how to apply modern vocabulary to the ancient ideas of yoga and massage to educate your students and clients about the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage.

#2 The fastest growing trend
One of the fastest growing trend in Yoga and Massage is Thai Massage

While you can easily learn it in 3, 5, 7 or 10 day courses around the world, this is the ONLY course that teaches you how to help your body while helping another. This is the ONLY course that shows you how to follow the traditional sequence and feel more energy at the end of every Thai Yoga Private or Massage you give.

#3 Get More Than You imagine
The Only Thai Yoga Course with Secrets for Shoulders and Neck

After years of study with Master Pichest Boonthume, this course reveals upper body techniques that are far greater than just the Traditional Thai Massage Routine.
More than step-by-step video course, you receive various full videos from feet to head.
You gain access to video lectures on the history and evolution of Thai Yoga Massage, along with bonus videos such as understanding ‘ENERGY.” You will know how it applies to the body, the mind and the heart.
You learn how to share this with your students or clients, and how to provide more opportunities to connect and build relations.

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