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Yin Yoga Training (Includes Upper and Lower Body Secrets)

By joining this Yin Yoga Teacher Training program, you will receive: 50+ hours of live video lessons & live classes. A copy of Gabe Yoga's book: 'How Yin Yoga Healed My Student's Knee' Yin Yoga Flash Cards plus Yin Yoga Sequence Cards Chinese Theory and Western Anatomy cheat sheets for easy pose benefit reference  Yoga Alliance Approved Certification & 50CE Teacher & community support LIFETIME ACCESS TO NEW CONTENT For students and teachers! Learn all you wanted to know about Yin and How Your Body Functions. Study with master teachers from all over the world via edited lecture audio and videos. Experience your body through targeted Yin practices that will have you achieving your dreams. Gabe, of GabeYoga, has been teaching for over twenty years, with success stories that include replaced joints practitioners, professional athletes, and instagram celebrities. Course Layout: Welcome Module – discover the ultimate 16minute Yin practice. Module 1 – Who are the key people that formed Yin Yoga? Module 2 – How to look at the body? Module 3 – In depth look at history and evolution of Yin Yoga Module 4 – Western Anatomy for Yoga Students and Teachers Module 5 – Philosophy and The Meaning of Yoga Bonus Module – Intro to Thai Yoga and What Thai Yoga Teaches about Movement, Yin Classes and Flash Cards At the end of this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Yoga alliance teachers receive 50 Yoga Alliance approved CEs. Don't miss out on: Video and audio Yin Classes!  Maser the vocabulary of Traditional Chinese Medicine on how the internal organs affect the body, the mind and the emotions (cheat sheets provided for easy reference).

$750.00 USD