Thai (Massage) Yoga Course

This is more than a course on how to give a Thai Massage.

This is a course about how to connect, how to adjust and how to give the best experience for another, as well as yourself.

Thai Yoga is a practice where two people move as one. It is the ultimate expression of Yoga, and a vehicle to making you the best therapist you can be.

Learn better body mechanics.

Discover how to create confidence between two people.

Provide the best stretch and compression (the original Sports Massage) experience your partners will ever have.

Thai Yoga Massage Training

Thai Yoga Massage training builds your confidence in stretching, pressing and communicating about the greatest physical experience you can offer. You will learn how to give a 60 or 90 minute Thai Yoga Massage that will have people raving about your skills. Now you can offer private Yoga experiences that will improve any lifestyle. What makes Thai Yoga Massage Training different than any other training is:- You learn how to move efficiently so that you benefit from giving Thai Yoga Massage.- You learn how to communicate the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage, and how to apply it to daily life.- You increase your confidence in stretching and manipulating joint range of motion.- This Thai Yoga Massage Training teaches you what you learn from the traditional sequence about the human body. With over 15 years of study and teaching Thai Yoga Massage, Gabe, founder of Gabe Yoga Academy, provides you with up close view on how to provide the most sought after experience in yoga and massage today.Applying a unique approach of step-by-step guidance, you learn EXACTLY where to press, stretch and how to apply proper body mechanics that will improve your health and physical comfort.

$797.00 USD