Yoga Tech Tools for Busy Professionals: Modern-Day Help for an Ancient Practice

Feb 17, 2022

Whether you run a business or manage a large staff, the stress of being a working professional is real, and it can take a significant toll on your overall wellness. In fact, an overabundance of stress can inflame chronic pain, and lead to obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and even autoimmune disorders. Without some sort of life raft to cling to, the risks of burnout are high. 

Of course, quitting your job or closing your business aren’t necessarily options. Knowing this, it’s important to find outlets that give you the opportunity to detach and to foster a sense of working toward that elusive balance. One of the very best ways to do this is through yoga practice. 

Yoga is a deeply cerebral practice, so it may be surprising to some that you can further your yoga practice with the help of today's newest technologies. Engaging your full mind, body, and spirit in this activity doesn't mean it has to happen in a yoga studio or on a beach. You can start your own practice from the comfort of home. Read on to learn how you can use modern technology to tap into the benefits of yoga. 

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

It’s been said that "comparison is the thief of joy.” Comparing your life and what you have accomplished to anyone else's is a recipe for misery. Your circumstances are unique to you. The only way to truly see your progression is to only compare yourself with your own past goals and accomplishments. You are the only person you are competing with.

Using a yoga app on your smartphone or tablet is a great way to stay focused on your own progress instead of what others are doing. Apps like Daily Yoga and Yoga Studio have a large library of classes you can take wherever you are, or you can dive into a supportive yoga community like Glo. Thanks to these personal-use yoga apps, it is hard to compare yourself to others when you are the only one in the room.

Goal Setting is Crucial

Setting goals is vital to succeeding in anything you set your mind to. Yoga goals can be as simple as learning one new fact or stretching a tiny bit further each week. If you prefer more stringent goals, try implementing habits such as practicing every day or setting aside time to meditate. 

Smartphone goal-setting apps are wonderful tools to keep you on track with your yoga practice as well as visible evidence that you are smashing your goals. With apps like GoalsOnTrack and Smart Goals, it is so much easier to keep working toward your goals when you can see the proof of how far you've come.

Fitness Tracker

Getting healthy is one of the many reasons people choose to start practicing yoga. Losing weight, toning and developing muscle, and building endurance are all results of a regular yoga practice. A great way to monitor your progress is with a fitness tracker that you can use to track the changes in your body as you perfect your practice. 

Fitness trackers contain many features that are useful to your yoga practice and overall healthcare routine. For instance, you can calculate body mass index (BMI) and even count calories. Many people keep their devices turned on while performing yoga to monitor blood pressure and heart rate.

Expand Your Comfort Zone

It is hard to break out of your comfort zone in a room full of people. For some people, it is even impossible. Using a video streaming service like Gaia or YogaGlo lets you try new yoga poses and stretches in privacy. Practice until you feel confident, and then seek out a teacher you trust to refine your stance. There are entire networks and platforms dedicated solely to yoga. It is easy to find something you like that helps you use your strengths to progress further without leaving your home.

When practicing yoga from home, find a relaxing, well-lit spot in your house away from distractions. If your current home can’t accommodate a space for yoga, you could relocate into a larger home. There are nearly 4,000 homes for rent in the Phoenix area. You can view listings online and filter by price, number of bedrooms, and desired amenities.

Modern-day technology can enrich your everyday yoga practice if used correctly. However, no one should rely solely on technology to practice yoga. The guidance of a teacher is irreplaceable. Use technology as an additional tool in your yoga arsenal, and you'll be surprised at how fast and how far you will progress.

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Article submitted by Dylan Foster