Yoga Is Like Food - Discover How To Make Your Practice A 5 Star Experience

Mar 17, 2018

If I told you that Food was good for you, you would look at me and think I’m crazy for even sayin it.

Of course Food is good for you!

The problem is not whether Food is good for you, the issue is WHAT Food is good for you.

Today, You know that fast food is not good for you, and that sugar is not helping your teeth or your weight management. You know that late night eating is due to stress and insecurity.

But it’s so damn satisfying, isn’t it?

Yoga is like that.

“Yoga is like Food? What are you talking about?” You must be thinking.

Stay with me for another moment.

Yoga is Food.

Unlike back in 1994 when very few people even knew what the word Yoga meant. Today the word Yoga immediately draws up awareness that it is something good for you.

High five to modern marketing and Hot Yoga.

Lululemon only made us think of Yoga and see thru pants.

While most people were sleeping on a recent long flight from LA to London, I was doing some Yin yoga. The flight attendant asked what I was doing.

“Just a little yoga,” I answered.

“Yoga,” she said. “I know it’s good for you. I should start doing Yoga.”

Yoga is good for you.

Though as much as fast food can cause you indigestion, just doing yoga poses in class, does not mean that it’s good for you.

It took a movie called “super size me” to draw attention to the destructiveness of fast food. Let’s not wait for a film to document the ineffectiveness of random posture thrown together under the word “Yoga.”

My first teacher trainer used a phrase that summed up what Yoga offers as a “complete meal.” If you understand why and what makes this meal complete, you will never make your sequence “fast food” again (which in turn will make you reach your goals faster and with less pain and effort, more students will come back and new students will leave transformed).

My first teacher trainer, John DeMinico used the phrase “preventative maintenance.”

Brushing the teeth is preventative maintenance.

That phrase gave me the vocabulary to describe why “sun salutation” was described in the yogic writings as all you need daily for healthy body, focused mind, and actualization of living from your depth.

You would be surprised how your body and life changes after doing 10 min of sun salutation daily. For a 30 day, with a freshly daily guided sun salutation practice, click this link.

You could be walking around with fresh scent from every pore on your body, rather than just an organic mint toothpaste breath aroma.

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