What makes BikYasa the best Hot Flow Yoga class in the world?

Aug 05, 2017

What makes BikYasa the best Hot Flow Yoga class in the world?

“All I can say is that at 49 I have never felt as good – it has the perfect balance between silence and music,” says a student turned Yoga Teacher.

1. “After my first BikYasa class I felt like I was 20 years old again,” reports the Editor In-chief of NORDIC WELLNESS. Hot Yoga removes toxins from the body – naturally.

2. BikYasa is a Hot Flow Yoga class has been implemented in studios throughout Orange County, Brazil, Finland and Germany. It has been approved by thousands of students.

3. BikYasa is designed as healing class. The sequence is scientifically designed to to improve your joints and internal organs.

4. This Hot Flow class balances silence and modern music. It is for beginners and all levels. It is for all ages and all sizes. No experience needed.

5. The class was tested in Germany and Finland, where there was not Hot Flow Yoga being fine-tuned. It is inspired from the principles of Hot 26 and Flow Yoga. For example, we have Half Moon pose to remove strain from your spine, and breath connected flow to move between poses.

6. Try BikYasa for two weeks. With our online classes, posture clinics and a variety of studios around the world, keeping up with your practice is no problem.

7. BikYasa sequence stays constant though the music selection is different from class to class. It recognizes the power of modern music to inspire and motivate.

8. The sequence focuses on better breathing, stabilizing the legs, before we focus on your spine, which is your true lifeline.

9. By practicing with silence in the room you develop mental concentration, which enhances all other activities in your life.

10. A second room with harbor access allows for a variety of other styles and yoga experiences in the studio. SUP boards and Hot Yoga Wear are also available.

11. You can get personal attention in our private classes, our posture clinics, our extensive schedule of workshops, and we encourage you to join our Teacher Training program so you can share your passion with others.

12. There are two main doors to the Hot room, a modern heating system with a revolving fan that flushes fresh oxygen to the room, and a humidifier set to 40%. We open doors at key points in the class. The Hot room is very safe room – and also very bright room. It maintains heat throughout the 60 minutes of class. Top heat does not exceed 105.

13. BikYasa is a modern style of Yoga. VinYasa and YinYasa Yoga are also modern styles of Yoga. Except for the heat, they provide the same benefits. People who don’t like Hot Yoga can practice VinYasa.

PRICE. The BikYasa program illustrated in this advertisement – f.o.b. principal ports of entry – costs $20 for two weeks.