Tips for a Safer Yoga Experience Despite COVID-19

Dec 08, 2021

Yoga can be healthy and deeply restorative. Not only can it help you physically but mentally as well, especially for those who have anxiety or work in a high-stress job. However, it can also pose a hazard, whether you're practicing improperly or taking risks with your health. Especially during the pandemic, safer yoga is a must – here are tips to help you enjoy yoga and stay safe.

Q1: Is yoga a good way to stay active during the pandemic?

A1: Yoga is an excellent way to stay moving during the pandemic. Whether you want to burn calories, lose weight, or relax, try these options for keeping active.

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Q2: Are online yoga lessons the same as in-person classes?

A2: There are differences between online courses and in-person ones – but a good teacher knows how to help their virtual students perfect their poses and enjoy yoga safely. Try these resources for at-home yoga.

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Q3: Is doing yoga on my own safe?

A3: For beginners, it's possible that you could experience soreness after doing yoga. Seeking expert advice to get started – and finding ways to soothe your muscles – can help.

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Q4: How can I create my own yoga studio at home?

A4: You can do yoga nearly anywhere – but dedicating a calm space to your yoga practice at home is a great option. Here's how.

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Whether you're a beginning yogi or are familiar with every pose, pandemic yoga is a whole new experience. From deciding how and where to stay active to navigating online fitness resources, it isn't always easy. Fortunately, these questions and answers offer helpful tips on navigating yoga during the pandemic, whether you're staying in or heading out.

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Article written by Justin Bennett