The Power of The Yin Effect

Apr 25, 2020

Let's be honest. It is troubling times. For some ore than for others, but for almost every person in the world we are going through a tough time.

You probably already know that a stressful mind leads to a stressful body. But, do you know how to quickly reduce that internal stress?

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The fastest and most simplest ways it to apply the 'Yin Effect' on the Psycho-Emotional system.

You must be thinking "The 'Yin' what? The 'Pscyho-' what?"

Let me expand - the Yin Effect is the results that happen when you stay in the same shape, with as little muscle action as possible for 3 minutes or more.
It takes 3 minutes for the central nervous system to release serotonin into the blood stream, which reduces inflammation, improves cellular function, and encourages sleep.

The central nervous system is a major part in your Psycho-Emotional system. The Psycho-Emotional system is connection between your emotional state and your physical experience. 
Have you ever watched a scary movie and experienced physical shakiness, elevated hart rate, sweaty palms at a scary scene? 
That is your Psycho-Emotional system in action. Your are experiencing an emotion and it is affecting your body, and vice versa.
The Psycho-Emotional system also controls the sense of self-security, inner joy, compassion and sleep.

When we are feeling stressed, that stress affects our organs, our joints, our muscles as well as our sleep, our sense of protection, our inner sense of value, and our ability to connect deeply with others.

Yin Yoga, with it's 3 to 5 minute posture time is one of the best practices to improve not just your joint system, but the entire Psycho-Emotional system.

In fact, 5 minutes lying on your back and not moving, truly not moving, is actually very hard, yet indescribable in its ability to revive the inner system.

Try it now.

Want to learn how you can apply this effect to:
- improve your shoulder range of motion?
- reduce anxiety and signs of depression?
- understand how internal organs affect Psycho-Emotional system?
- increase strength and enhance sleep?

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The Yin Effect can be applied to upper body Yin Poses, but also explains why Restorative Yoga is so powerfully healing. Take the course for more.

When you do a practice every day for 3 to 30 days, you develop your own vocabulary about why it is beneficial for you.

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