The Best Nutrition for your Brain

Jan 03, 2018

The brain?

The brain does not eat food, does it?

Of course it benefits from Secondary Foods (food we eat with the mouth,
as opposed to Primary Foods.)

Walnuts, which look like our brain, provide great oils and fats that
the body uses to nourish the brain.

But the best nutrition for your brain, is actually….. Meditation.

Meditation helps regulate the synapses of our nervous system, calm down the
chatter of the thoughts, which contribute to various diseases, and it awakens
the deeper brain in the heart.


This past Sunday I posted a simple mental meditation from the Zen tradition,
a Koan that went like this: ‘What is the sound of One Hand Clapping?’

A Koan is an unsolvable riddle almost, designed to trick the mind, and help
it focus.

A famous Koan that you probably know is: ‘does a tree that fall in the forest
make a sound if no one is around?”

My girlfriend, life partner, and lover, has an awesome Koan on her fridge:
‘if a man speaks in the middle of the forest and there is no woman around to hear him,
is he still wrong?’

Osho used to say that ‘laughter is the highest form of meditation.’

Over the next four weeks I will share different Koans for your Brain taste buds.

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