Taking The World By Handstand With Kyle Weiger - Feed Your Yoga PodCast Ep 11

Nov 24, 2017

It was by a friend recommendation that Kyle Weiger and I got to meet.

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When the text message came that I MUST get Kyle on the podcast, I was excited to see that the efforts of getting the podcast out there are slowly "paying off," and people are referring teachers for me to talk to (Hint, Hint - if you know of any male yoga teachers that I should interview let me know!).

Kyle was super enthusiastic when I caught him at a local coffee shop (on the phone) as he was finishing his first online product.

I knew we would have a good show for you all, because tapping into the new mode of interaction and business is something that is slower in the Yoga world, and Kyle is one pioneer in taking his teaching into the online platform.

Since he was only minutes away from my home, we set up a time to meet and do a live podcast the following day.

His tips for success are invaluable, his laughter and ease in what goes on both in and out of the yoga room just shines through our interaction, and his approach to HandStand made me jump into his email list right away (and since then even purchase his $7 handstand makeover, which I highly recommend (No Affiliate relation, so this is coming surely for my heart and practice. I would not recommend if I did not think there was value in it for you!)).

I hope you find this podcast as lively and as informative as I did. Forget full of laughs and insight you can take with you immediately.

You can find Kyle teaching online on his website: https://kyleweiger.com
And be sure to follow him on Instagram @kyleweiger

But he is in high demand all over the world, so go check out his travel workshops on his site as well.

If you are in Newport Beach, CA he teaches out of RA Yoga and will be happy to meet you for 1-on-1 session as well.

If your aim is to achieve the elusive pike (press up into handstand), Kyle is your man!

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