Staying True To Your Self With Jordan Moniz - Feed Your Yoga PodCast Ep 6

Oct 20, 2017

Jordan Moniz teaches from a deep place of awareness.

Having had a car injury that left his back injured and restricted, his first yoga class was spent in the fetal position known as child pose almost the entire time.

Talk about a feeling of "defeat."

Yet he did not allow that to enter his mind, and his teachings reflect that sense of connection to those individuals that might feel "defeated" in class. More so to ensure that no one is left feeling like that in the yoga room.

It has taken him time to find his 'true voice.' 

Which is why this pod cast was so incredible. One that offers you so much value in learning to accept yourself, practice for a sense of well being, and for teachers, develop a sense of connection to all students.

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Instagram: @thegamjam

Jordan Bio:
My Journey began In the spring of 2008 when I stumbled into my first yoga class.

I had been involved in A bad car accident that had left me with a fractured back, and a lifestyle that was making me sick and obese.

 Although it was not love at first sight,

I continued my yoga practice. i was determined to see the benefits  that the yoga practice had promised to offer.

The physical benefits came swiftly, but that was not the primary I kept returning to my mat.

The ability to experience an awareness of life around me whenever I stepped onto my mat was the true reason. 

The yoga practice is a deeply personal practice.

You can make your yoga practice whatever you need it to be!

After practicing Yoga Asana for five years i was eventually encouraged by my friends and family to become a certified yoga teacher.

I longed to gain a deeper understanding of the yoga practice and to find new way to better reach my students.

So, I traveled to the birth place of yoga; Rishikesh, india in the spring of 2014

This trip furthered my yogic studies and I gained a 300 hour certification, specializing in Hatha.

I returned to india in the fall of 2014 to study the pratice of Ashtanga in the town of Mysore.

Regardless of your ability or age, i believe yoga is a practice anybody can benefit from Yoga.

When I am not Teaching or studying, I am off traveling! I have been fortunate enough to have traveled extensively throughout the world and still have many more trips to come. The trips are even better when I get to teach while aboard.