More Than Just Teacher Training

Jul 22, 2017

Where intense yoga programs are often referred to as Yoga Teacher Training, these intensives are designed to enrich your life, transform your financial abilities, and improve your social and personal lifestyle.

They continue to do this for hundreds of people every year around the world.

You don’t have to teach! (But they are 200hr Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training Intensives).
Yet, if you have found that yoga has changed your body, has improved your day to day life, has enhanced your relationships, these next 4 weekend intensives will help you gain a deeper understanding as to how and why that happened. It will give you the vocabulary to help to help others understand what is possible with regular practice.
It will solidify your practice for life, where you will continue to stay healthy and stress free, the two leading causes for illness and death.
You will learn about your challenges, your convictions and gain confidence, communication skills and physical endurance.

You might never teach, but you will understand your body better, you will know the postures better, you will understand the value of the ideas behind yoga, which are about concentration, visualization and empowerment. These skills you can own for life to help improve your finances, your health, and the relations you have with others.

If you are suffering from anxiety, sleep deprivation, stress from work or personal relationship, changing jobs, or just wish to make things even better, this program can take you to the next level and beyond.

What If I Don’t Want to Teach, What Do I learn the First Weekend?

Would you say the practice makes you feel better? Makes your day better?
Would you like to know WHY it does that?
You will learn how that this happens by design.
You will also learn:
- Proper alignment and variations to postures in the Hot Flow BikYasa class.
- Why teachers only talk and not demonstrate and HOW you can communicate with confidence in any setting.
- Why is Hot Yoga so Healthy for You.
- History behind Hot Yoga, and the Stories behind the Yoga poses. 

I really want to Teach, but I am afraid I can’t learn it all in One Weekend.

You are not expected to learn how to teach the entire BikYasa class in one weekend (though you probably could). You are provided with all the tools, information and resources to become a great teacher.

BikYasa is a dialogue-based class. Each class is very similar (as you have noticed). While you learn:
- Proper alignment and variations to postures in the Hot Flow BikYasa class.
- Why teachers only talk and not demonstrate and HOW you can communicate with confidence in any setting.
- Power of music and how the balance of silence and music works in BikYasa.
- Why Hot Yoga is so Healthy for You.
- History behind Hot Yoga, and the Stories behind the Yoga poses.

You also receive the following to help make the process of teaching much faster:
- SUPPORT from staff and other teachers.
- digital audio class for easy listening and memorization
- digital video class for visual memorization
- complete dialogue for memorization
- full step by step flash cards
- mini video breakdown of postures for alignment an dialogue memorization

- cheat sheets to print and use when teaching your first 15 classes

Second module is about Yin Yoga, I don’t even know what Yin Yoga is, do I need to take it?

Yin Yoga is not only the second most popular style of yoga today, it is a practice that will help you live healthy, active and comfortably in your body for the rest of your life.

Yin Yoga Weekend will also teach you:
- Vocabulary about the health of your body and your emotions. You will learn how your organs affect your moods, your strength and your vitality.
- How your joints function, how to have a healthy spine the rest of your life, and how you can gain strength through flexibility.
- How physical therapy is rooted in Yoga history.


Can I teach Yin anywhere with this certificate?


Of course!
You are getting a 200hr Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher certificate. You learn how to teach with your words one of the best yoga flow classes in today’s market. You can teach that class in a hot or non-hot room.
You learn how to teach Yin Yoga and you learn how to build sequences and the magic of Ashtanga Yoga in this program.


We encourage you to find classes to teach around the community you live in.


To make sure you have the most success in teaching, you gain access to:
- audio and video Yin classes.
- Gabe’s Yin Book with sequences for hips, knees and low back healing.
- cheat sheets with organ function, both western and eastern benefits.
- flash cards with book sequences for easier memorization.
- Osho jokes, Zen Koans and other short stories to share in your classes.


I only like the Hot Flow (I guess you call it BikYasa), why would I want to sit through a weekend of flow and building sequences?


When we learn about the origin, we learn more about ourselves.
This weekend explores the background from where BikYasa evolved and how it was achieved.
What “notes” shape this great experience and how these notes have been around for hundreds of years in different “songs.”

Not only is this weekend full of insight about the foundations and influences that drive transformational practices like BikYasa, it is full of humor, philosophy and real life application of Yoga’s deeper benefits.


There are so many VinYasa styles. What will I learn in this weekend?


VinYasa classes are like restaurants. Many different flavors.
This training focuses on the foundation of VinYasa, as they were presented by the great sage Vamana Rishi.
Vamana Rishi lived about 2,000 years ago, and he is the first to connect the term VinYasa with Yoga poses. His words: “Vina VinYasa Yoga Asanadin Na Kriyat” (Translation: Without VinYasa Yoga poses should not be taken).
We also look at the similarity between what Vamana Rishi taught, and what Bishno Gosh, brother to the famous author of the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” Pramahansa Yogananda.
These principles will be supported with:
- Digital Video Of Power Yoga Class with Crow Arm Balance
- Dialogue and Flash cards for Power Yoga Class
- Digital video of Power Yoga Class with Bird Of Paradise
- Dialogue and Flash Cards for Yoga Class with Bird of Paradise
- Digital Video of Gentle Yoga Class
- Ashtanga Yoga Class led by Gabe

By the end of the weekend, along with included material you have the foundations to create your own classes, or trust in the BikYasa class to ‘wow’ any yoga student you meet.


I have to sit through business development and anatomy classes in the last weekend. That sounds BORING!


Anatomy is BORING!

The sound of Latin terms is worse than Sansrkit words.

Anatomy is BORING, but FUNCTIONAL anatomy is THRILLING!
We look at how yoga poses and the shape of our body teach us about the differences between bodies.
In a culture that loves comparison (Instagram is cool, and by the end of the weekend you will be posting with confidence if you like), the faster we accept our bodies the way they are, the faster we can show case the beauty of yoga poses in our body.
We also do lots of awesome yoga to top the training off. Why miss out on the best part?


Can I teach for you, who will I teach for, will you get me a job?


Yoga studios are always looking for teachers. You will learn this weekend that there are so many places for you to teach at, you could easily get a class in as little as two weeks, IF you mastered teaching BikYasa.
You will have many opportunities to show case what you have been working on in teaching the class, and you have the support of Some Like It Hot to master the class faster.
Some Like It Hot reserves the right to text out all teachers to see if they have 80% of the dialogue memorized, and understanding of music.
In all other studios you can teach BikYasa by example, as a flow class, or as a beginner version.
You leave the program with a powerful class in hand that can land you a teaching gig immediately.
You also learn Yin, which is in very high demand for teachers.


Included in this training/intensive:
- All digital material, from audio to video classes and mini clips.
- Yoga documentaries and movies
- Yoga Anatomy lectures and videos
- Functional Anatomy videos for future reference
- Yoga Books
- Training Manuals
- Dialogue Books
- Philosophy and History sheets and videos


Your 200hr Yoga Alliance Certificate grants you immediate enrollment into Yoga Alliance at the 200hr Yoga Teacher level and you can go teach Hot, Flow, Yin and Ashtanga style Yoga classes.

Want to use h3 Yoga Teacher Training at your studio?
How would you like to learn Hot, Flow and Yin Yoga and how to teach them?
Looking to get your official 200 or 300hr Yoga Alliance Certification?

Leave a comment, or send Gabe a direct email. His passion is helping you achieve the results you want!