Health is Higher Purpose – When you know It, You are Satisfied

Jan 10, 2018

If someone asked you about ‘higher purpose,’ what would be the first thing that popped into your head?

Would you picture a Star Wars like movie, or maybe you would think about
a mother saving her child from a falling tree?

Did you know that ancient tradition discusses the importance of knowing
that there is something larger than us at play in this world?

Some people will call this ‘religion.’

A man name Osho, a spiritual teacher from India, would say ‘religious being.’

I have discovered that many people have a negative connotation with the word ‘religion’ or ‘god.’

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition recognizes that this fourth
Primary Food makes many people uncomfortable.

‘Are you telling me I have to be religious to be healthy?’

‘I have to believe in God before my cravings go away?’

I have heard these questions and more in my time as a Health Coach.

The questions are understandable when we look at a Food and call it Higher Purpose.

But it is an incredible insight Joshua Rosenthal has when he coined the four Primary Foods.
Exercise, Work, Intimacy and Higher Purpose.

If you feel no sense of something beyond this world and this life, you will be
surprised at how this uncertainty affects the eating and health choices you make
throughout the day and throughout your life.

Higher Purpose simple asks about your relationship to something larger than yourself.

The discussion into the consequences of fanatic religion and such is secondary to your health.

Did you know that devout individuals tend to live a happier and healthier life?

They sleep stronger and deeper. Sleep being an important player in helping your
body revive itself and recharge its energy.

So, I ask you, what is your relationship to something higher than yourself?

Write a comment below and tell me how this question makes you feel and what
answers rise form your depth.

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