Harmony in Curacao: A Tale of Healing, Laughter, and Nuts

Oct 01, 2023

In the heart of Curacao, where the vibrant colors of the Caribbean sea meet the spirit of its people, there exists a haven of wellness and laughter known as 'The Nut House(@NutHouseCuracao)' Owned and nurtured by the dynamic duo, Maurice and Jantine, this cozy sanctuary has become a place where the magic of community and holistic living seamlessly blend. They've created a haven, a home away from home, a place where you can truly nourish your body and soul.

It was within these welcoming walls that an extraordinary journey unfolded, bringing together kindred spirits on a quest for self-discovery and healing. Under the azure skies of Curacao, Sonia, Chris, Maurice, Jantine, and the revered GabeYoga embarked on an adventure that would leave an indelible mark on their hearts.

The journey began with a 5-day Thai Massage training led by the inspiring GabeYoga. Held at the B.Yoga Studio, a beautiful home studio owned and operated by Brigitte Gonesh (@BeYogaCuracao), this serene setting provided the perfect backdrop for an exploration of the ancient art of Thai Massage. Participants immersed themselves in this transformative practice, delving into its profound healing techniques. Gabe's expertise and guidance allowed each participant to unlock the secrets of this age-old practice, promoting relaxation, flexibility, and overall wellbeing. While Brigitte and Sonia (who organized Gabe's visit) ensured a smooth operation, participants savored daily organic, vegan, homemade lunches.

As the training concluded, the sense of fulfillment and unity among the group was palpable. It was a week of shared insights, hands-on practice, and profound connections. The Thai Massage training had kindled a spark of transformation within each participant.

A week later, the community reconvened, this time for GabeYoga's BikYasa workshop. It was a transformative experience that delved deep into the realms of yoga and movement. The participants found themselves on a journey of self-discovery, guided by Gabe's wisdom and expertise.

With spirits high and hearts connected, the spirited quintet ventured to the whimsically named 'It's Better with Chocolate' store, indulging in the sweet delights that tickled their taste buds. Amidst the cocoa-infused laughter, Jantine mentioned peanuts, which triggered Gabe to share a playful joke:

'Dr. FeelGood, a prominent doctor at a local Mental Hospital, wanted to take his patients to a baseball game.
"When someone hits the ball," he told his patients. "I will say, 'Stand Up Nuts,' and you stand up. When someone hits a home run, I will say 'Cheer, Nuts,' and you cheer."
They got on the bus and went to the game.
When someone hit the ball, Dr. FeelGood said "Stand Up Nuts!" and they all stood up.
When someone hit a home run, he said: "Cheer nuts!" and they all cheered.
What he was not prepared for was what happened when the concession guy came by and said: "PeaNuts!"

Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, they continued to savor the joys of 'It's Better with Chocolate,' cherishing not just the sweets but the precious moments of connection.

As the sun set over Curacao, painting the sky in hues of amber and lavender, Gabe expressed his deep gratitude to his gracious hosts and the vibrant community that had embraced him. It was a harmonious symphony of healing, laughter, and connection.

As Gabe sipped from his glass bottle filled with Pure Water Curacao's filtered water, he couldn't help but think that all yoga studios and homes should have a system like this. The water's pure taste perfectly complemented the sense of purity and well-being that enveloped 'The Nut House' as well as B.Yoga Studio and their vibrant communities.

Looking forward to the future, Gabe shared the exciting news that Yin and possibly BikYasa training would be opened to the public next year. These transformative sessions would unfold in the spacious and splendid yoga studio nestled above 'The Nut House,' continuing the legacy of wellness and unity that had bloomed under the Caribbean sun.

In the end, this was not just a journey; it was an embodiment of the beauty of human connection and the transformative power of holistic living. Under the benevolent Caribbean sky, strangers became friends, laughter became medicine, and 'The Nut House' became a cherished sanctuary of wellbeing and joy.