Featured Pod Casts that Yinspire

Apr 08, 2020

Michelle Schoenfeld is a celebrated health advocate which I have the honor to meet and record a few Pod Cast shows with.

As a former owner of a health center, she is also a cancer survivor!
es, she used natural healing to cure her breast cancer!

We met at The Lifeco center in Bodrum, Turkey, where I was co-leading a 14 day Lifestyle Change retreat.

With her incredible enthusiasm and my simple approach we recorded two pod cast shows that were truly remarkable.

Click here to list to Pod Cast #1 we made - we dove into what is Yin and how it can benefit you!

On the second Pod Cast (click here to listen) we expanded the concept of Yin more and explored how it ties into overall health.

Michelle is a great presenter and the shows are filled with insight and humor!

Be sure to listen today!