Exploring Hot and Ashtanga Yoga With Justen Caron - Feed Your PodCast Ep 14

Dec 16, 2017

Justen Caron's background spans years of practice before ever stepping unto the teaching podium.

As we sat outside a local coffee in the warm sunshine, it was incredible to hear his story, going from a mutual bet between him and his partner Hallee.

Now he found himself in a Bikram Hot Yoga Room and she bought a bicycle.

Today they both continue to share both hobbies, yet together.

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Their 4 months old son Kirby is in for some incredible moments.

Through tips and ideas for students and teachers I discovered that Justen took his first Teacher Training course with David Swenson, and the insights he has from practicing for so many years I know you will find invaluable.

Come check Justen classes in Southern CA at David Andrew Ashtanga and RA Yoga Studio.

Justen schedule can also be found on his social media account here!