Conquering The Mind With Mathew Koder - Feed Your Yoga PodCast Ep 5

Oct 14, 2017

Mathew Koder's story, from growing up in extreme poverty in a house with substance abuse mother, to living on the streets and eventually finding Yoga is a powerful testament to what Yoga can do for you.

In today's world of Yoga as a fashion, Mathew's story, insight and understanding of what Yoga's deeper intentions are, is an invaluable lesson.

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Our Interview could have lasted a few hours, with his depth of insight from both personal experiences, as well as his dedication to his practice and teaching knows no bound.

Listen to our exchange to learn tips for dealing with substance abuse, taking personal responsibility and being honest with a depth of sincerity and heart opening.

This was one incredible PodCast for me.

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Here is Mathew's Story in his own words:

“Yoga Literally Saved My Life”
As a Des Moines native, Mathew Koder brings his affinity for teaching and his extensive knowledge of the path of yoga to his community. With over 00 hours of formal training, and over [insert number here] of teaching, Mathew offers a learning environment that provides any student, from beginner to advanced, with a strong foundation for personal transformation through the practice of yoga.
Growing up, Mathew found himself surrounded by people who didn’t know how to live life. His mother struggled with addiction and mental health issues, and his father suffered a severe brain injury when he was a young boy. By the time Mathew was in his 20’s, he was consumed by anger and depression. He found himself trying to cope by aggressively working out, sometimes for four hours a day or more. One day in 2008, Mathew tried yoga for the first time. As he lay down for final relaxation, Mathew realized he felt the absence of the cloud of depression and unhappiness that had been hanging over him for years. The absence of that cloud was–for him–the definition of peace. It was in that moment he decided to dedicate his life to practicing yoga.
Mathew takes compassionate teaching to a new level. With his self-guided, ashtanga-inspired practice, he gives his students the tools for personal transformation and then steps back, allowing them the space to grow in a supportive environment. At once challenging and nurturing, his teaching style embodies the lessons he learned growing up: that you are your own teacher, and we all just need someone to guide us along the way.

You can follow Mathew or go and experience his ground breaking sequence if you are in Des Moines, IA by visiting these links:
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