Be Calm Despite Your Suffering With Drew Maifeld - Feed Your PodCast Ep 13

Dec 09, 2017

Drew Maifeld has a vision for yoga in Des Moines, IA, a model that can be a model for other towns on leveraging on the growth of yoga. A communal space for yoga teachers and therapists to be abel to share students, clients, marketing and infrastructure.

You should join his cause here!

In this brutally honest PodCast, Drew and I dive into topics that have not het arisen on the show.


From sexuality to divinity.

How to carry oneself as a Yoga teacher and how to weave through the commercialization of yoga today.

Our talk could have lasted for hours, so we will do a follow up.

I hope you enjoy! Please leave comments here!

In his own words Drew is an outgoing and creative yogi who loves to help students learn to move consciously. His current yoga passion is to help each student build a sense of personal ownership & to take a critical look at developing their own experience. 

I know you will find so much more through this podcast!