Are You Confused About Protein?

Nov 07, 2017

Protein confuses many people.

Should I eat meat or should I not eat meat?

Should I only eat fish or can I get my protein from vegetables?

Every person is different, and every person responds to food differently.

More important is to accept that as we age, our tastes and preferences could and

will change.

It’s not about what I should eat, and more about learning ‘how to feel’ our body and

our lives.

Are we feeling energized and focused?

Or are we feeling down and overwhelmed?

Are we feeling elated and joyous?

Or are you feeling anxious and tired most of the day?

Food is a doorway toward exploring our life, if we are living our lives fully, or is our

life a series of day to day events that feel like they are rolling by?

Nutrition today seems to suggest that ‘my way is the only way.’

But what will happen if you experiment and see what works for your body and

your lifestyle?

Too little protein in the body leads to sugar and sweet cravings, feeling spacey

and jittery, could lead to skin inflammation and in severe cases create a ‘pot


Too much protein can lead to low energy, constipation, dehydration, feeling

heavy, weight gain, feeling stiff in the joints, and decreased kidney function.

Your mind may disagree with what your body wants. But trust your body.

Protein consumption is a very personal thing and everybody needs a different


Respect your body, whether you make a vegan, vegetarian or non vegetarian

choices, because sometimes the body just needs a specific type of protein.

Vegan’s choices for protein include: Grains, beans, soy, nuts and added protein

powder or bars. Leafy greens are also packed with protein, something that many

people forget. Especially seaweed. Green leafy vegetables are also dense with

easily-assimilated amino acids as well as other life-extending nutrients.

Vegetarians also include dairy and eggs in their protein intake, while non

vegetarians enjoy fish, chicken and meat as well.

Protein provides the foundation for cell and tissue repair.

Protein keeps us strong, supports our immune system, helps in metabolism and

other crucial biochemical reactions in the body.

When I work with clients, we allow customers to explore how they feel over a two

week period as we begin to add various food items to their day to day.

From increasing water, to adding green leaves to meals, including grains and

observing the effects or protein. Thus within 2 months, customers look and feel


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