Budget-Friendly Ways Busy Entrepreneurs Can Take a Break to Get Away and Breathe

Jun 25, 2021

If you ask small business owners in general why they don't travel as often as they would like, most will say they either don’t have enough help or that it’s two expensive. These reasons obviously have merit, but at some point, something's got to give. And it shouldn’t come at the expense of your mental and physical health. 

Even if you keep a daily yoga practice, meditate regularly and eat clean, constantly working at breakneck speed will take a toll. Which is why it’s important for busy entrepreneurs to carve out time away from a hectic pace.

And no, you don’t have to close up shop for a whole week or spend a small fortune. There are a host of cost-effective ways to do a little traveling and make it easy on your bank account.

Here, Gabe Yoga & Wellness offers some budget-friendly tips to help with everything from rentals and hotel stays to flights. It’s time for you to make this happen.

Timing Is Everything

Depending on your reason for travel, you might not have the flexibility to schedule your own timeline and itinerary. However, if you do have a say in when you travel, you can make smart off-season choices to save money. Booking arrivals and departures in the middle of the week, for example, can mean cheaper flights and hotels.

Traveling to popular destinations during the off-season can also translate to substantial savings. Weather-wise, Insider suggests looking at the shoulder season, which is the time period flanking the peak travel times. You can save significantly but still enjoy the best of your destination.


Airline Tickets through Priceline

For air travel, you can check out online travel sites for fresh deals on tickets. You'll want to be flexible with departure and arrival times to find the best discounts. If you anticipate routine travel, check with various airlines to sign up for frequent flyer miles and point platforms for ongoing savings. There are flight aggregate sites too, like Priceline.com, that are great for finding last-minute deals. Look into your current credit cards as well, since as The Points Guy explains, many offer discounts on flights. 

Time-Stretching Tricks

It doesn’t make sense to spend your vacation hovering over a laptop, answering emails and engaging in Zoom meetings, so freeing up time for your getaway is a must. But how is that possible when you, like most entrepreneurs, are already slammed all day long? The key is to engage time-stretching solutions that help your business run smoothly and efficiently, without you being so hands-on.

One example is your annual report. All businesses need to file one, but that doesn’t mean all business owners need to slave away at putting those reports together. Instead, look to an affordable online service to compile, organize and file that information with your state. Instead of spending time throughout the year keeping on top of your data, leave it to experts. With the right tools and solutions, when the time comes for your getaway, you’ll be able to leave your work where it belongs -- at work. For more information, check out a site like ZenBusiness and what they have to offer here.

Dollar-Stretching Accommodations

If your travel plans include hotel accommodations, you'll obviously look for the most reasonable rates to stay within budget. You can also consider renting a condo or vacation rental for more extended stays and discounted rates. If you have an option to do so, you can always stay with friends or family for one night or two if they're in the area. Regardless of where you stay, to book the cheapest rates, check out travel sites for last-minute room deals, available offers, and discounts.

Transportation and Rental Services

If you're driving to your destination, you'll want to budget for the proper maintenance of your vehicle prior to leaving, and to save money, you can DIY the work. You'll also want to plan to have appropriate gas money to see your trip there and back.

Public transportation and drive-share service are excellent cost-saving options, but you can find budget-friendly rental car services, too. If you go with a car rental, avoid booking your vehicle at the airport. Instead, call ahead and don't be afraid to ask for available discounts or current offers at car rental companies.

Roadside Assistance

If your vacation has you driving across state lines, a cost well worth the investment is roadside assistance, and you can even add a free or low-cost app to your smartphone that makes getting help a breeze. Remember, too, booking a rental car service can sometimes be a cost-effective alternative to driving your personal vehicle. If you need to rely on your phone for roadside assistance, make sure your provider offers a wide range of coverage.

Eating Out and Dining

You're on vacation, and part of that experience is eating out and enjoying local fare. Be mindful, however, of overspending. Enjoy a night or two with fine dining, but maybe consider less expensive locations for other meals. If you're staying in a condo or vacation rental, plan to prepare meals sometimes instead of going out to cut costs.

Free Activities and Attractions

If you find you have some downtime and are looking for attractions or activities, find the local freebies. Call a few different local studios to see who has the best drop-in rates, or tell them you’re from out of town and you might score a discount. You can also look to museums and national parks, which are great examples of inexpensive field trips. Make use of the local organizations to find historical sites, nearby festivals, or craft shows.

Taking time away to regroup and recenter yourself is a critical part of self-care and tending to your mental and physical health. Don’t let your budget or business hold you back from getting away and enjoying the vacation time you deserve.

Article contributed by Dylan Foster.
Image courtesy of Pixabay.