3 Features of What Crypto can Do for You

May 24, 2022

Over a year ago I created this First Yoga #NFT

2 Years ago I found #GaryGensler #BlockchainAndMoney class on the #MIT online school. At the end of the course I decided I was going to dive into the crypto world.

In the last 2 years of #doing, #losingmoney, #makingmoney, and #createNFT, I learned more than I imagined. Today, most of my conversations with people are about educating and reframing a lot of what #crypto is about.

I decided to write about the '3 Features of What Crypto can Do for You':

The very #1st thing that 95% of people who say they bought or are “into” crypto is because of the #gambling return.
And I stress the word gambling here.
Crypto coins is the modern equivalent of a rich person gambling den.
Yes, in this arena of gambling, you can use statistics and you can use past ups and downs.
You can try and “time” the market
BTW, let’s be honest, over the next 2 months, you can gamble and make lots of money. Especially on certain coins. What coins you might ask?
Let’s just say look at #VETCoin which could go up over 5000% when #Bitcoin rises back.
So yes, Bitcoin and are of course going to retain their losses. But they lost around 50% from peak. Unlike Solana which lost more than 300% from peak.
And this is still only 4 very “in the news” coins.

One of my friend who gambles on football so it makes him more interested in watching the games and keeping up with the statistics.
If you know nothing about football, your gambling skills are far less than someone who knows all the players, coaches strategy, injuries and players personal problems.
But it’s still gambling. And all the research will not prepare anyone for a lucky moment.

Yes, to know the market of gambling better, I bought various coins.

I learned how to make daily cash outs.
How to place limits and how to read stars.

It is an interesting domain to make money. Possible. Though it require diligence and daily obsession with numbers.

However, you could “lose” your paper money very quickly.
Especially if you need the money when the market is down.

Gambling should only be done with cash you can burn in the fire without caring.

Calling it investing when you hope to make profit within a 1-3 year time down is fooling your mind. Which means you are fooling yourself.
Investing occurs over 10 or more years.

This leads us to the #2nd aspect of 'what crypto can do for you', which actually is the 'drive' behind the gamblers. The fact that #Crypto is not going away.
Those who think it is a fad, good luck. It’s like calling space travel “a fad.”
Will crypto be like space travel, part of human experience, but limited to very few? Possible.
Will crypto change the way a farmer in Afghanistan sells or buys his grain? Highly highly highly doubtful.

Let’s not get lost in the conversation about paper money going away. Or how global finances will all be done on blockchain.

Let’s focus on the fact that both of these extremes are being worked on.
Loads of money is being invested to see these ideas come to reality.

The approach to pay for these projects is #coins. Which implies that crypto industry is part of human life. Like any other industry out there.

That solidifies the idea to own Bitcoin and Ethereum as they are the “Microsoft” and “Apple” of the crypto world.

I don’t own any stock, but I enjoy both Apple and Microsoft products.

You might not own crypto coins, but at some point in your life will encounter the accessibility of coins to do some transactions, or even to enjoy your video games.

It is in this 2nd domain that we see #MetaVerse and #Decentraland fit.
Two online worlds that already have all the major brands and top artist creating events, selling shows and more.

Crypto is the “juice” that powers these interactions.

This leads us to the #3rd aspect of crypto. The #creative experience.
This is thru #monetizing and providing #ProofOwnership in the form of #NFT (if you are not familiar with non-fungible tokens, it is like putting a #QR code on s digital file).

In this creative space, you must have #cryptocoins to register your digital work. And you can upload any digital file (though it does have to be of a small size).

This NFT world most financially successful projects tend to be in the form of NFT collections. Which is basically a set of “cards” that can be traded. Some are traded for millions of $. Some lie dormant waiting for a lifeline.

As you can see, crypto is far more than Bitcoin and thinking of crypto just as money making possibility, ignores the work that people are doing to change how money is sent from person to person, or how digital artist can make a living.

With so much money being made quickly on crypto, it is no wonder that even the creative side of this industry is all about making as much money as possible.

If you are interested in making large money in 12 months with crypto, click this link: bit.ly/PLCUNow (DM me for any information).

After creating my first NFT, I was contacted by a famous artist (bit.ly/OyoRoundAbout) to put one of his works on the blockchain.

When I saw the project #NFTGurus I got inspired to create #NFTYoginis (and #NFTYogis).
These 8808 set collection will be available in the coming weeks.

If you are interested in supporting, helping or cheering the project, please comment or DM me.

If you have any questions about coins, crypto direction, or just want to brain storm crypto, please reach out or comment.

Whatever direction you take with crypto, do know from the very beginning, you pay money (in the form of gas) for EVERYTHING you do. From opening a wallet, to transferring coins, to registering your NFT.

How to reduce this gas fees is a huge question in the market, and the reason NFTs can be confusing since you can use different coins.

But that is something for a different article.

Be safe, be smart, and if you get lucky, remember there are millions of people who will never have access to crypto. Pay it forward. Tip your server. Travel to other cultures. Donate to charity. Support your family.

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