Be All You Can Become!

In this BikYasa Yoga training you will discover your inner powers and gifts.
You will also know the "WHY" behind modern HOT yoga.

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BikYasa Yoga

BikYasa Yoga weaves the best of all worlds! 

Weaving Flow and Hot with Modern Music this class packs them in, heals the body, excites the mind, and cures the heart.

Lear WHY the music works so efficiently, WHY the sequence is so revolutionary in what it accomplishes for the body mind experience, the evolution of modern hot yoga, and how to apply yoga concepts to modern life.

In this program you learn how to be the best version of YOU!

Leadership Skills

Discover how to use body language and vocabulary to establish trust and motivation.

HOT Yoga History and Philosophy

Where did HOT yoga originate from? Why is Flow Yoga also popular? 

You will be able to share you knowledge with friends and family. And they will GET IT! 

Multiple Learning 

With mini inspiration videos, flash cards, written dialogue and much more, you can access the materiel on any device you like, and enjoy the learning at your pace.

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* Included - 30 min private Zoom Session to review any Yoga questions you have!

In this 30 min session you can ask any question you like, learn in depth secrets about Hot yoga philosophy, poses and what makes a powerful yoga teacher.


Certification Track - as the name implies you receive a 50 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Certificate.


Certification Track

Here Only $997

What you receive:

  • Detailed dialogue, presented in 3 different learning styles - tex, audio and video.

  • Mini videos for each section of the class, along with insight and relevance.

  • Flash cards with detailed pictures of every pose in the sequence.
    Edited videos of master teachers to help you understand the "bigger picture' of yoga.

  • Live training videos shot in real time training.

  • Yoga documentary and more...

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