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What Is 'The Revolution Of Audio Visual One Man Yoga Performance?'

When you think Audio Visual what strikes you first?

Do you think a 'movie'? Perhaps a 'TV show'?

You might be a frequent theater attendee, or you visit museums on a regular basis and you have a picture of the kind of Audio Visual commonly used in high end fashion stores (Dior is one company that does incredible use of Visuals in their stores).

The truth lies in all of these and also beyond.

On Jan 4th 2019 the first Audio Visual Live Yoga Show will start it's 2019 run throughout the world.

Covering 12 cities in 12 months, each month will feature 2 consecutive shows, in the spirit of The Moon visiting each house for just over 2 days in The Moon astrological transit.

Each part of the show has been meditated and pre planned, from the first video that went out on 4/10/2018, to this video blog post that is appearing on 4/11/2018.

The Moon transit and the choice to focus on the full moon visit as it illuminates our reality, also ties in to the performance and the meaning behind the show.

While this video blog post offers a glimpse and perhaps raw footage of my project, subsequence posts will focus on each part of the show and its meaning.

The Kickstarter link for the show will be live on April 24 - because 2*4 = 8. And 8 in sanskrit is Ashto, and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras which I discovered by random on a library computer search (all I did was look up meditation and India and ran through the library looking for the letter and numbers I had stenciled on my paper. Out of the 8 books I picked that day, one of them was called 'Dreams of a Yogi, The yoga sutras of Patanjali').

The show will utilize modern media clips and audio. Those that are not original (meaning that I personally film) will be exclusively extracted from YouTube, and this the show will be an Artistic Show of the Modern Time.

There will be 3 visual displays (whether LCD screens that can be moved, or projector screens is yet to be decided, it will be based on Kickstarter success, so please keep in mind how incredible and valuable YOU are in making this a reality). 3 is the number of existence. Described by Patanjali as giving rise to the 3 states of awareness we all possess (we tend to only be conscious of the "wake" and "dream" state, with the state of "connection" eluding us or glimpsed in moments of Laughter, Love, or Achievement).

The title of the show "Movement in Stillness" is a play of words in the style that Osho would use. But it also a reminder of what Yoga is about. Yoga is a tool.  A tool to help anyone experience and enjoy this life in it's full joy, and magic. A tool that can help any individual find new approaches to handle anything from the stress of traffic to the challenges of getting older.

I have been teaching and practicing Yoga since 1994 and with the popularity of Yoga today, it is often easy to see the commercialism side masking the deeper essence.

In the spirit of Van Gogh and Banksy, this One Man Yoga Show, is designed to tough the heart and minds of the viewer. To bring up questions, offer insight from living as well as deceased masters, and give tribute to the teachers and students that have made my physical practice what it is today.

Often we see yoga performances by incredible practitioners. Yet they have a feel of a far way reach to the viewer. As if they are watching a Cirque De Soleil Show and deep inside they are transformed, but they also are not moved to try any of it at home.

This Show intends to inspire you to take Yoga home. 

If you have a practice, it will inspire you to approach your practice with the 'effortless' that Patanjali hints at.

If you don't have a practice and don't care to have one, you will leave in awe and inspired, in the same way that you feel when you leave a good movie, or a fulfilling trip to the museum.
In the end, you are breathing all day, every day.
Yoga is about breathing!

This show will bring the focus back to the simplicity that lies in the roots of Yoga Commercial Success.

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